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Access Malibu is a Blue Cross in-network treatment facility, providing detox and residential levels of care. Now everyone can access a top-notch Malibu treatment experience. Call Now 855.401.0208

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For so long, access to the best drug and alcohol treatment facilities around the world was limited to people with big bank accounts and incredible insurance. Thanks to changes in insurance benefits and advances in treatment, that is no longer the case. Access Malibu has redefined recovery for those suffering from addiction, making excellent recovery in a gorgeous Malibu setting no longer just for the rich and famous, it can be accessible to everyone. Access Malibu provides a program that is specific to each of our clients. Our therapeutic program and environment may not offer all the luxuries of some of the more expensive facilities in the area, but we do provide many amenities alongside the same research-based program you can find at a much higher price around town. Access Malibu helps you take care of yourself inside and out while you’re with us through individual and group therapy sessions to help you get to the root of your struggles as well as physical activities like yoga, personal training, and nature activities. Access Malibu provides lodging in a beautiful setting with comfortable furnishings, balanced healthy meals prepared by an in-house chef, and a structured program that helps you change your life.

Access Malibu offers treatment at all levels of care:

We can help you from the very beginning while detoxing from drugs or alcohol all the way to your transition back home via aftercare planning.


Detox is the first experience most people have upon entering recovery and Access Malibu aims to make the process as comfortable as possible so you can get started on your way to sobriety. Detox builds the important foundation for your program.

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Primary Treatment

We offer a personalized program with individual therapy sessions, group therapy, yoga, personal training, and group outings. We want your focus to be on your sobriety so there are no chores at Access Malibu, your main responsibility here is to yourself.

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Dual Diagnosis

Many people fighting addiction find they also suffer from depression, social anxiety, bi-polar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder or another psychiatric affliction. Access Malibu specializes in the care of these afflictions as well as working with addiction.

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Sober Living

For people looking to remain in a comfortable and sober living environment while transitioning back to work and family life, we offer sober living at Access Malibu. Staying a bit longer in a supportive and sober environment can be key to long-lasting sobriety.

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Day Patient / Outpatient

After completing a primary recovery program either at Access Malibu or another facility, outpatient or day treatment can help you ease back to your life at home. Our outpatient program involves both individual and group therapy in a flexible setting.

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Major Insurance Providers Accepted

We accept Aetna, Humana, Cigna, Blue Cross, United Behavioral Health, Geha, PacifiCare, Magellan, and many others.

Five-Star Facilities

  • Access Malibu is a peaceful oasis in the hills above Malibu
  • Each room is furnished with comfortable bedding and amenities
  • Staff on site 24 hours a day to take care of your needs
  • Chef-cooked, balanced meals every day

Overcoming Addiction Starts With YOU

Access Malibu is a Blue Cross in-network treatment facility, providing detox and residential levels of treatment. Access Malibu works to provide an excellent program that now everyone can access. Call Now 800.727.1176

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