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Detox, for most clients, is your introduction to rehabilitation. Access Malibu wants you to feel healthy and keep the good momentum that brought you to sobriety going, so we aim to make your detox process as comfortable as we possibly can. The detox process is imperative for clearing your body of the toxins you battle with and builds the foundation for your recovery from addiction. Your body must be free from drugs and alcohol for you to truly be ready to benefit from the therapeutic program we provide to you.

A qualified addiction specialist will supervise your withdrawal process and our highly-trained staff will work to make the process as comfortable and easy as they possibly can. Even while working through the physical process of detoxing, Access Malibu will have a specially designed treatment plan in place that eases you into the program you need to successfully complete your rehab. Detox is the beginning of your recovery experience and having a healthy and relaxed experience is our priority so you can start the process off right.
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Access Malibu works to provide excellent programs at an affordable price and accepts many forms of insurance that may cover part or at times, all of your program expenses. Call 800.727.1176 or fill out our web form to have your insurance benefits checked today.

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