About Access Malibu

Access Malibu was founded on the idea that the best recovery methodologies and programs shouldn’t be available exclusively to the rich and famous or the wealthy. Addiction has no boundaries, so why should sobriety? We spent years working to create a program that could provide comfort, love, support, and lasting sobriety through research-based methods and therapeutic activities. Many fortunate individuals have been experiencing similar programs in Malibu for years but only now is that same healthy program more affordable and accessible to most people here at Access Malibu. We provide a serene setting, full program from detox through aftercare, healthy and balanced activities and meals, and a supportive setting in which we work hard to help you become the best version of yourself.
Access Malibu accepts many forms of insurance and will help you find out if some or possibly all of your time here can be covered by your current provider. Feel free to call our admissions team and they can walk you through your treatment benefits.

We know that sobriety is not an easy journey, but you’ve already taken the first step by looking into recovery options. Let us help you complete that progress.

Overcoming Addiction Starts With YOU

Access Malibu works to provide excellent programs at an affordable price and accepts many forms of insurance that may cover part or at times, all of your program expenses.Call Now 855.401.3472 to have your insurance benefits checked today.

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