What is Covered?

Most people don’t realize that their policy does include a benefit for addiction treatment. Especially with recent healthcare changes, many more people are utilizing this coverage to cover the cost of at least some, and sometimes all of their recovery costs. Access Malibu accepts insurance from most major providers and will work with you to obtain the best coverage your policy can provide. Providing your insurance policy information to our admissions team allows them to check your benefits and advise you on what options are available to you and what, if any, additional costs may be necessary. We find that many of our clients are able to stay with us for prolonged programs with a successful outcome thanks to their insurance provider.

in-network with Blue Cross

Access Malibu is In-Network with Blue Cross for detox and residential levels of care.

Call now to have an Admissions Coordinator check your benefit: (800) 727-1176

We accept Aetna, Humana, Cigna, Blue Cross, United Behavioral Health, Geha, PacifiCare, Magellan, and many others.

Call our admissions staff at 800-727-1176 for a free check of your insurance benefits and to learn more about joining us at Access Malibu.

Overcoming Addiction Starts With YOU

Access Malibu works to provide excellent programs at an affordable price and accepts many forms of insurance that may cover part or at times, all of your program expenses. Call 800.727.1176 or fill out our web form to have your insurance benefits checked today.

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