Primary Care At Access Malibu

Primary Care is where the therapeutic work really starts in the sobriety process. Once you have been properly detoxed, we will design an individual treatment plan to your specific situation. Access Malibu recognizes that one-size-fits-all is not a successful method of working with people who struggle with addiction, so we work hard to make sure your experience here is built around you.

Using a combination of individual therapy, group therapy, and activities such as meditation, yoga, and fitness, Access Malibu aims to help you get to the root causes for your addiction so you can modify your patterns and obtain long term sobriety. Everyone on our staff is rooting for your recovery so there will be resident advisors, therapists, case managers, and group leaders all helping you along the way.

Overcoming Addiction Starts With YOU

Access Malibu works to provide excellent programs at an affordable price and accepts many forms of insurance that may cover part or at times, all of your program expenses. Call 800.727.1176 or fill out our web form to have your insurance benefits checked today.

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